About Me

Personal Life
I live in Raleigh, NC. I’ve been married for about 13 years to my beautiful wife Jodi.
We have 2 wonderful children together, Kayla Lynn (18) and Malina Grace
(9). I love my wife and children very much and they are my world.
Professional Career
I’ve been an Information Technology Professional for over 22 years.  I’ve worn many different hats at many different jobs. Here are a few examples of my past experience:

  • Managing a $3 million IT budget for 450 users in 5 locations
  • Over 12 years of Management Experience
  • Reduced costs of ISP by 50%, deploying centrally managed firewalls and wireless, in addition to rebuilding the infrastructure of all offices.
  • Implementing of multiple cloud based ERP and POS systems in construction, hospitality, golf, and restaurant environments.
  • Managing and developed Helpdesk Systems from the ground up at multiple companies.
  • A progressive career executing increasingly complex projects with quantifiable successes at every turn.
  • Designed and built DRBC strategies in an organization that had none.
  • Worked with management team to facilitate process mapping and to reduce inefficiencies through multilayered applications deployments.
  • Migrated from on premise Exchange to Office 365 and rolled out other O365 products.
  • Manage vendors for ordering equipment, service management, and telecommunications problems.
  • Executed multiple projects with each achieving or exceeding corporate objectives for cost, budget, and most importantly achieving user satisfaction.
  • Excellent hands-on experience using Azure, Windows Server, SQL, and Exchange.
  • Well-honed skills in Active Directory, TCP/IP protocols, secure access practices and products for remote locations, software updates, along with familiarity with multiple backup and disaster recovery systems.
  • Superior troubleshooting skills and the ability to provide rapid, pragmatic solutions in a fast-paced environment.